We're delighted to announce the 3rd installment of a remix collection from VALID EVIDENCE – the Japanese Balearic outfit formed by DJ 19 & YU-TA. Their sound has been described as a radio-friendly Japanese version of CHICANE.  Hot on the heels of their “A Dream Within A Dream” release, they have prepared their latest in the “Journey” series for imminent release. The original version of “I Like Chopin” was done by the Italian artist known as GAZEBO. However, in Japan a cover version by ASAMI KOBAYASHI was more popular than original. As a result, VALID EVIDENCE have covered the cover version. Turkish DJ and producer MURAT UNCUOGLU(aka MURAT U, MUNCU, SPECTRALMINDS) delivers chopped and sliced-up vocals with less of the original elements present. “Local Anesthesia” has been remixed by Colombian Gare Mat K. His remix cranks up the tribal and techy elements and goes for broke. Using parts from the original track, the bassline throbs on this one!