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19BOX (JUKEBOX) RECORDINGS is proud to announce their biggest package of 2010 so far, a collaboration between 19BOX's label boss DJ 19 and the UK's MOUSSA CLARKE (OVEN READY, ARMADA, SLAMMIN, DUMB and more) .

The Original Version was featured on DJ 19’s recent “Phuturefunk” album. Now the upgraded versions for the single release feature the vocal talents of HIROKO INOKUCHI, who sings in a Japanese traditional style called Shigin.

This folk singing is a type of Japanese poetry that is usually chanted either individually or in a group. HIROKO INOKUCHI's father recited Shigin poetry to her from an early age. As a result of her dad's influence, she started learning Shigin from the age of 3, and in time has become one of the biggest ex-ponents of the art. Since her rise to fame, she has won many national awards and contests in Japan.

The new mixes are all huge in their own right. MOUSSA CLARKE leads the pack with a quirky and dev-astatingly effective big room houser, while DJ 19 keeps the old school piano vibes alive while turning up the progressive dial. Further remixes come from Canadian outfit LES BOYZ ELECTRO in the form of a very current-sounding piece of melodic euphoria, Egyptian house hero TAMER FOUDA with a tribal-tastic slammer, and last but not least, Belgium's DIMIX with some rocking big-room techno vibes.

The project is a multi-national collaboration and a melting pot of dancefloor styles – just how we like it here at 19BOX towers.

  • Oliver Lang : Moussa Clarke Mix : full support from me, love it
  • Trisco : Tamer Fouda Remix : Another belter from the Mountain of Mo! Full support, quality mixes too
  • Chris Da Mentalist : DJ 19 Mix : takes me back to my rave days circa 92 nice
  • Natalie Parker : Dimix Remix : Dimix Remix interesting use of the techno clips with the other elements gonna give this a spin on big speakers - I like unique tunes.  Hmmmm lets find out! :-) All in all good package :-)
  • Matt Black : Tamer Fouda Remix : Nice groove on the Tamer Fouda remix but where is that sample from in the DJ 19 mix, sounds so familiar, brings back memories!
  • Anna Kiss : DJ 19 Mix : VERY hard to pic a fave here, am going to have to listen even more ! wicked package - all good tracks x
  • Robbie(Von Music) : Moussa Clarke Mix : Never fails to impress, may the dancefloor rock!
  • Rockbitch : Dimix Remix : love the music it drive me crazy !!  nice ! 
  • Darin Epsilon : Les Boyz Electro Remix : It's not really my style, but I thought the Les Boyz Electro remix was very well crafted.  Definitely my favorite mix in the package.
  • Widenski : DJ 19 Mix : love the DJ 19 Rave Treatment the most, nice oldskool flow!
  • Benji Candelario : Tamer Fouda Remix : Good Hot tune!!
  • Andy Galea : Tamer Fouda Remix : nice tune
  • Paul Velocity : Moussa Clarke Mix : Good driving bassline and a dark hook. A very nice oldskool rave sound that has been brought bang up to date without losing any of the original flavour. Im definitely playing this out in my sets.
  • Enrico Mantini : Tamer Fouda Remix : good for the summer, will give it a spin. thnx 4 sending
  • Thomas Penton : Les Boyz Electro Remix : Like the Les Boyz Electro mix. 
  • Mikey Dalton : Tamer Fouda Remix : Wicked track really love the vibe on this one!
  • Sandro Valentino : Moussa Clarke Mix : Rockin...
  • Saul B : Moussa Clarke Mix : that is something really original and never heard b4, can't wait to drop it :) keep it up!!
  • Chris Acheson : Moussa Clarke Mix : Nice track mate. Your mix was the one for me mate. Keep up the good work.
  • Michael Paterson : Tamer Fouda Remix : nice mix
  • Sergei Shkuroff : Moussa Clarke Mix : Nice work, i like Moussa own remix and electro mix.
  • jennife daoust : Les Boyz Electro Remix : Love it! I started dancing in my own home!
  • Paul Mendez : Moussa Clarke Mix : excellent selection of mixes.
  • John Jones : Moussa Clarke Mix : Moussa Clarke mix doing the business
  • Larry Tee : Moussa Clarke Mix : really amazing vibey record that gonna kill em!
  • Oz : Tamer Fouda Remix : nice bit of tribal, with the vocal harmony. 
  • Pete Farmer : Moussa Clarke Mix : Works well has a Great feel to the track, Gets my support for radio and floors ;)
  • David Gee : Dimix Remix : Dimix remix stands out from the package, very solid somewhat harder build up with a firm bassline followed by a surprising smooth old schoolisch piano-break. Definitely my fav. 
  • Ant Brooks : Dimix Remix : Nice Old Skool piano break! Will give this a spin..
  • Mikey Dalton : Moussa Clarke Mix : Biiiiiiiiiiiiig tune love it!!
  • Ton (Dos Palomas negras) : Moussa Clarke Mix : Great old school vibe with this one....love the piano in the original,  The mix that i play for sure this weekend.......Moussa Clarke Shigin treatment..Massive"
  • Michal Breeth : Les Boyz Electro Remix : Another great release from Moussa. I dont know which mix checked as favorit :). I like all of them Moussa's, tamer and dimix as well. Thank you and will play it in my next shows.
  • Nathan Thomson: Moussa Clarke Mix : Nice bunch of mixes for every dancefloor... It's the Moussa Clarke and DJ 19 that get the major thumbs up from me...Love it!
  • Onirika : Tamer Fouda Remix : love the tamer fouda mix for the tribal groove merged with the fascinating vocal... veeeeery nice!!! thanks
  • Paul Hughes : Les Boyz Electro Remix : Played on PH factor radio show 17/4/10
  • Danny Chatelain : Moussa Clarke Mix : good job
  • Stuart Goodfella : Moussa Clarke Mix : Loving it - Moussa Clarke mix rocks full support and charting it!!!
  • Vassilios Mavrou : Les Boyz Electro Remix : Liked the variety of sounds at the mixes,but the most powerfull for the dancefloor seems to me the les boyz electro remix
  • Max Giannini : Moussa Clarke Mix : goooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  • Robespierre : Thank you very much for the tunes! It's a cool mix of old school with the style of today and I really like them all!!
  • Kenny Substance : DJ 19 & Dimix Mixes : DJ 19 and Moussa Clarke!! This is splendid combination!!! DJ 19 Acid Rave remix is pretty rockin as well Dimix techno version!! 
  • Lisa Littlewood : Moussa Clarke Mix : loving moussa clarke mix!

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