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TC MANIAK's  "PUBIC STRANGE" reached No.4 at MyPromoPool.com. You can see the reaction of many DJs.






TC MANIAK       DOROHOV & SERGE QUE                   


This is one of PARK LIMITED MUZIK's best releases in years. TC MANIAK are on a mission this time; providing a balance in between sensuous techno-inspired chords and a subtle house groove on "PUBIC STRANGE".  If that lush combination doesn’t suiit your electronic palette, remix duties come courtesy of the Russian duo DOROHOV & SERGE QUE.

DINTON MANIAZ aka TC MANIAK was born during a restless time in West-Africa. His parents sent him to a music school in Monrovia at the tender age of 3 - whereby he was taught the basics of African music and instruments. In 1980 his family was forced out of Liberia because of a coup and his father’s involvement as a government advisor. At the time, it appeared it was going to be the end of his musical career.  After settling safely in Switzerland he took up piano lessons and went on to garner a degree from The Academy of Music with Honours. During his studies, he was bitten by the dance music bug and he started DJing at the little known 'The Qul' club in the exclusive retreat Les Dureux in the Swiss Alps. After acquiring an Akai MPC sampler, he started producing his own blend of dance music. Already having numerous hits to his name and releases on labels like SPROUT, READY MIX and COMPOSURE, he transported himself into the bodies of well known Dutch producers, PAKO & FREDERIK – simultaneously producing remixes and spawning tracks like "Le Ultra Fresh" and "Damnamite".  Perhaps PAKO & FREDERIK and TC MANIAK are one and the same?  Only TC MANIAK’s piano teacher in Monrovia will ever know (or not).

DOROHOV & SERGE QUE approach "PUBIC STRANGE" from a melodic frame of mind. DOROHOV is well known for his KOALA project, in collaboration with ANATOLY VORONTSOV. He's been worked for several top-notch labels like PLATIPUS, LOST LANGUAGE, CUBA, PRESSLAB and 3BEAT. SERGE QUE started his career about 15 years ago at the famous Peter Gatien-owned NYC club, The Tunnel. After a few years he moved over to Gatien’s other NYC club, Limelight, as a resident DJ and music director. In 2006 SERGE moved to Moscow to pursue a career in event management. Currently he is behind ‘Dance Factory’; which is one of the most listened to radio shows in Russia. This show provides him an audience of over 375,000 people in Moscow alone. QUE has released several MIX CDs, such as "Vapourise" with an Australian progressive legend KASEY TAYLOR, and "19box Into The Battle In Russia" with 19Box head honcho DJ 19.  

Get ready for the sound of odd behaviour in your pelvic area.  Get ready for Pubic Strange.